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Bands You Should Listen To: Animal Collective

Bands You Should Listen To: Animal Collective


Animal Collective formed in 2000 in Baltimore, Maryland. Childhood friends Dave Porter (AKA: Avey Tare), Noah Lennox (AKA: Panda Bear), Josh Dibb (AKA: Deakin) and Brian Weitz (AKA: Geologist) used to trade various pieces of music that they had created and thought it only right to come together and start their own project.

It is certainly hard to pin Animal Collective's sound to one genre. They have been compared to just about everyone and have a tendency to not stay in one spot for too long. Their first release, ' Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished (2001) ' on the bands own label, is possibly their most accessible record. It features bold experimentation in pop, noise and melodic psych-folk. The band were clearly not afraid to show some originality and expanded even more on Spirits.. template with their second release ' Danse Manatee (2001) '. This record touched on more than a few styles and influences and while not being the most accessible record in the world, it definitely showed a band that had a lot of ideas.

The band seem to surpass themselves with each release. Constantly honing their skills and improving their craft. 2004's Sung Tongs was a stripped down, hushed affair full of beautiful acoustic numbers such as ' The Softest Voice ' and the delightfully intoxicating ' Visiting Friends '. it was not without its moments of chaotic frenzy though, as evident on the songs ' We Tigers ' and the alluring yet false delicacy of ' Winters Love '.

2005 brought about the album ' Feels '. Many fans and critics consider this to be the bands greatest achievemnet and its worth listening to for ' Banshee Beat ' alone. And 2007's ' Strawberry Jam ' made them darlings among the indie music elite and poster children of American review/music site, Pitchfork .
The collectives popularity has reached its zenith now with the advent of their latest relase, ' Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009) '. An album dripping with lush arrangements and vocal harmonies, it was unlike anything that the band had done before. Especially when weighed up against previous releases such as the live album ' Hollinndagain (2002) ' and 2003's ' Here Comes The Indian '.

Why You Should Listen To Animal Collective
  • You would be hard pressed to find a more engaging, creative or original band.
  • Music is changing. And you have these guys to thank. They will pave the way for a lot of new, exciting bands in the future.
  • Just listen to their album ' Feels (2005) ' and im sure you will see what I mean.
Selected Tracks
My Girls (Merriweather Post Pavilion)
Banshee Beat (Feels)
Loch Raven (Feels)
For Reverend Green (Strawberry Jam)
Winters Love (Sung Tongs)
Chocolate Girl (Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished)



  1. Theyre really innovative, yhea, but alot of the people I know who are really into them are hipster scum LOL

  2. alright I like it - never heard of them before now but I'm glad it's happened.


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