Sunday, 8 August 2010

Mr. Spring Break

Mr. Spring Break...What can I say..? I first became aware of Mr. Spring Break through a podcast I used to listen to regulary. The podcast was called From The Ville..I do not know if you were familliar with it but it was great. A really funny show. If you want to check it out go here  Unfortunately, they have stopped making new shows but that link should provide you with all the past episodes!

Anyway..The story of Spring Break Dennis..Well..Not a lot is known really. I heard he was a professor at  Kent State University who went crazy. He lives out of his car and is obsessed with college sports. Most notably, American football. Perhaps the most obscure fact about Dennis is that he had never missed a Spring Break in twenty odd years...Hence his nickname, Mr. Spring Break.

Here is a sample of the mans madness. He must have gotten involved in some sort of TV commercial during one of his spring break escapades...

As you can see..Not the sanest man on the planet. But a true character nontheless! Everyone should be aware of spring break. Oh, and for the women..He is apparently well hung in the pants.


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  2. Thanks for the update... btw, Beating Inertia has a new Q&A post!


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