Sunday, 8 August 2010

Canadian Military Would Treat Troops With Ecstasy!

Yes, check out this obscure little gem of a story I found while trawling the web. It seems that the Canadian military would consider treating batlle-scarred troops with the illicit street drug, Ecstasy. 

Lt. Col. Rakesh Jetly, A Psychiatrist with the Canadian military has said that department of national defence would embrace any type of treatment that would help ease the trauma and suffering felt by many troops on returning home from war torn environments. Who'd have thunk it?!
"If you replaced Ecstasy with substance X - whether it was an absolutely approved legal drug, a mainstream medication, my answer would be the same. The fact that it's Ecstasy means nothing to us," stated Jetly. "If there's any substance, any drug that has the research, the randomized controlled studies, the publications to prove its efficacy, we would entertain adding it as an approved treatment." 

As most of us know, MDMA or Ecstasy is very popular among all the ravers and dance freaks out there and since being outlawed its amazing to imagine the Canadian military actually doing this.
However, the drug creates feelings of euphoria and well-being. It allows users to talk openly about topics that would normally provoke anxiety or extreme negative emotions. A new study has shown that up to 80% of patients suffering from chronic forms of PTSD no longer showed signs of the condition after a combination of both the substance, MDMA and psychotherapy.

PLUS! MDMA has been used by psychiatrists and psychotherapists to aid in the treatment of various disorders before being outlawed in the 1980's. So lets all get loved up and overcome our problems!....No?

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