Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hello, Humans!

An Introduction

Hello there. Let me tell you something about what this pointless blog of mine will contain. The ideas behind it, if you will. What it is likely to contain..And all that jive.

I have what some may call a morbid sort of fascination for everything thats weird and wonderful on the Internet. Be it l33t speak, bizarre youtube videos (and better yet, video comments), internet memes (god bless you 4chan), disturbing news stories from around the world and images. Anything that I come across that I feel meets the criteria and amuses me, on any level, will be posted. Now, Im going to get on with it as im not the most articulate fish in the drawer and I get the sense that most of you who are reading this are already strongly considering navigating away from this page..if you haven't already. If you are still here...Cheers. I hope you enjoy this blog.

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